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Plain Hardware Inventory


Plain Hardware carries a wide variety of hardware products for new projects to home repairs. We partner with HDI to make sure that we can make hundreds of products available to you either in store or by special order.



Hardware at Plain Hardware


Hardware suplied by Horizon Distribution Inc.

Orders placed by Tuesday at 12pm will be available for pickup on Thursday afternoon.



Isle 1 - Hose Clamps, Abs Fittings, Propane Fittings, Floor Drains, Hot Water Elements, Sewer & Drain Fittings
Isle 4- Heat Lamps, Electrical Boxes, Electrical Fittings, Phone Chargers, Electrical Wire, Smoke Detectors.
Aisle 2 - Teflon Tape, PVC Glue, PVC Fittings, Galv. Fittings, Valves, Sharkbite Fittings.
Isle 5 - Housewares, Fire Extinguishers, Brooms, RV/Camping Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, Lightbulbs.
Isle 3 - Toilet Repair, Ext. Cords, Sink Repair, Outlets, Compression Fittings, Elec. Adapters.
Isle- Tubing, Fasteners, Garbage Cans, Grade 5, Wall Anchors
Isle 7 - Drill Bits, Hand Tools, Saw Blades, Safety Glasses, Safety, Hi-Vis Clothing.
Isle 9- Fertilizer, Rodentcide, Soil Products, Ant Bait, Herbicide, Insecticide
Isle 10 - Drip Irrigations, Grass Seed, Lawn Irrigation, Lawn Hoses, Hose Fittings, Sprinklers.
Isle 11- Spark Plugs, Airhose Fittings, Automotive, Bike Tubes, Chainsaw Equipment.
Isle 12 - Penofin, Airfilters, Sale items, Sale Clothings
Isle 13- Spray Paint, Paint Thinner, Sand Paper, Stain, Caulk, Paint Supply.

Connectors & Fasteners

Questions about what we carry in stock? Call us! 

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